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So, I'm a geek at heart.  =P

I grew up on classic episodes of Dr. Who and Star Trek, the original Conan the Barbarian, and all the old James Cameron classics (Terminator/Aliens, etc).  I love science fiction and horror movies, actually just about all movies.  I'm a firm believer that all forms of visual art have at least one redeeming quality (yes, even Starship Troopers or The Wing Commander movie).


As a kid, I played D&D, other table top RPGs, and a huge assortment of video/computer games.  Actually to some extent, I still do.  I'm a huge Classic Battletech fanatic and still play that with my kids.


I grew up reading Tolkien, the original Conan stories by Howard, H.P. Lovecraft and the original Dragonlance Novels.  Oh, David Eddings and Frederick Pohl too.  Later in life, read alot of Sara Douglas and Preston & Child. 

Vampires and zombies are awesome (except for the modern day vampire-romance stuff, sorry). The Walking Dead rocks, and so do superhero movies!.

Ok, this really isn't supposed to be a centerfold bio.  I'm not into long walks on the beach or roaring fires.

Born in Chicago, I live with my wife and kids in Richmond, Virginia, where both my wife and I grew up.  I've done a number of things, mostly owning businesses, until I landed in the car business in 2010.  It has been good to me, but there's more in life than the next car deal! I began writing Blood and Steel around November of 2009 while sitting in one of my stores as my business fell to pieces around me amidst the recession.  I finished it in the spring of 2010, submitted it to two publishers, got rejected and shelved it.  In October of 2011, I started rewriting the beginning, taking into account my dear wife's suggestions.  I will say, I focused on it a little too much, and very briefly, I thought she was going to kick me and the computer out of the house! 

Neither here nor there, I self published Dec 4th, 2011.  I see now that B&S was a little rough, in need of some serious edits, despite multiple (amateur) editing runs.  Regardless, it seemed to sell, and I saw excellent reviews. I figured it was a fluke, but I pushed through Fire and Steel anyway.  F&S hit May 29th, and I've since published two more books in The Cor Chronicles and Blood Loss: The Chronicle of Rael (sort of a prequel).


In the end, I just want to tell stories, and I have so many to tell.  I have no doubt that I will never get them all put on paper, but maybe, just maybe I'll write one that people remember forever.