About a year ago, I discovered the wonderful ALIEN RPG by Free League.  I was a little reticent at first; I was concerned that once your players meet their first Xenomorph (Big-X, not little-x), the horror and stress would be gone.  How wrong I was!  Free League and it's writers have created an incredibly rich game with a consistently wonderful role-playing experience.  It's the game that has gotten me back into RPGs.

I've GMed through most of the content, and of course produced quite a bit of my own.  I'm happy to share everything I've done with the community, and I hope you enjoy it.  If you do, please consider checking out the books I've published on Amazon and other platforms!

Also, the Alien RPG is the hard work of Free League and its people, and some of my homebrew stuff is the IP of other companies as well.  This is all meant for everyone's enjoyment, and any and all copyrights and images are the property of their respective owners!

This page has started to get a little out of control with all my content, so each download now has it's own landing page below!


AvPvE: Aliens vs. Predators vs. Engineers, A Full Sourcebook and Campaign

San Tome - A Cinematic Scenario

Alien: The Hunt - A Cinematic Scenario

Immaculate - A Cinematic Scenario

The Monsters We Make - A Cinematic Scenario

Rule of Robots - A Cinematic Scenario in 3 Acts

Building A Better You - A Scenario for Campaign Play

Kramer .50 - One of my favorite weapons from Aliens: Fireteam

Career: The Cat

Career: Journalist