• Martin Parece

A Return to Writing

Almost two years ago, I published Blood Betrayal, the fifth and final book of the Cor Chronicles. I've been pretty dormant since then, spending my time on every day life, the day job and (unfortunately) video games. I've ignored my responsibility to my own imagination for far too long.

I have a new project now, a collection of short stories with a novella that will introduce a new genre for me - that of classic horror. Rumedia lovers do not despair! There will be something for you in this collection, for I couldn't leave that world all alone by itself!

Let's talk about that for just a moment. There is so much to do in Rumedia, so many stories to be told that I really don't know where to begin. Back when the first couple books were experiencing so much success, I had ideas swirling about my head like a maelstrom - a series about the Cleansing when the Westerners rose up and the titanic final battle created the World's Spine mountains. I considered a novel about Lord Dahken Rena who was a fan favorite from a relic induced flashback. Of course, readers wanted to know more about Thyss and her history. I even feel Rumedia calling me back now, asking me to continue the story that ended with Blood Betrayal. There is so much... fallout, for lack of a better word, from the events of that novel, but I wonder if anyone really wants to read that story, with our titular hero essentially out of the picture.

For that matter, I have a huge timeline of events that start from our own world and time that shows the further growth, schism and near destruction of humankind and how those events led to the world of Rumedia. Those eventually lead to Paul Chen, the young man who left home (and his parents forever) for the service, in search of meaning, and his impact on Rumedia. He has a vast and important arc that leads up to the events we read about in Gods and Steel and Blood Betrayal, and believe it or not, he has an important story to tell after the events of Blood Betrayal.

Does anyone want to read those stories? Does it really matter? No, probably not. I'll end up writing them eventually simply because they need to be written.

So, my next project is something a little different. It will be a collection of short stories and one novella, with some different genre work than what you might expect from me thus far. But like I said before, if you want fantasy, there will be some Rumedia in there as well.

In either case, I hope you'll join me for the ride!

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