• Martin Parece

An Excerpt from "Hunted"

As promised, here's another excerpt. This one comes from the story "Hunted" and features a fan favorite character from my original fantasy series, The Cor Chronicles. I hope you enjoy it, and please share this post to your friends and family on social media!

“I do not like this place,” Huma replied, “It unnerves me. That town a few days west – those people do not come here. When they must go east, they travel around the jungle.”

“Superstitious peasants,” Lahn replied dismissively, “Besides, you’re more frightening than anything… out…”

Lahn’s words trailed off as he suddenly shot to his feet, his eyes searching the jungle as he slowly turned where he stood. Ulinae quickly put her all of her ingredients and such away, causing them to disappear into pockets that couldn’t even be seen, and all of the guards stood. Hands were on weapons as all stayed perfectly still with their eyes on Lahn. Thyss sat upright, her legs crossed, as she too watched him with interest.

“What is it?” Huma whispered, and even his low tone seemed to make the earth rumble.

“Do you hear that?” Lahn almost whispered back.

“I hear nothing.”

“Nothing,” Lahn repeated in a hushed tone.

Thyss’ eyes widened as she began to understand the full meaning of the word. She tilted her head just barely to the left while turning her face to the right, as if presenting her left ear to the jungle would better help her hear what was not there. Gone were the sounds of all the emerald jungle’s fauna. No animals moved about in the brush, neither large nor small. The ever-present voices of monkeys and their conversation had died in the trees above. Even the squawks of birds and the quiet but constant rustling of insects had completely vanished. For all of its life, the jungle was now as silent as a tomb.

The most ear piercing of screams split the air, exploding through jungle like the sudden eruption of one of Dulkur’s many volcanoes. Thyss had never heard anything like it, and its entirely unexpected magnitude forced her to reflexively cover her ears, an action she found impossible with her hands still bound together. All of the others did the same, but it wasn’t just the pure volume of the scream which demanded that it be drowned out from one’s hearing. It was like the greatest, most powerful war cry from the strongest giant ever in history had combined with the roar of a male lion, confident and powerful at the head of his pride, but with the added hiss of one of the five-foot-long lizards of southern Dulkur.

The cry lasted mere second, and as it ended, Thyss heard the tortured cries of another voice, some animal that sounded as if it were being ripped apart. The men heard it too and immediately formed a circle with weapons drawn, Thyss and Ulinae in the middle of the ring. The second voice from the jungle faded away, leaving them again in dead silence.

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