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New Book - August 15th, 2020!

I've been silent for a few weeks for good reason - I've been working on the new book for which I have set an hard and fast release fate of August 15th! This title will be available only on Amazon for the Kindle right at first, but other platforms will see it close to the end of the year. As promised, this one will be a collection - two novellas and a number of short stories that delve into the genre of horror.

Horror is near and dear to my heart as something I grew up with in the Alien movies and The Thing in cinema. As a teenager, I delved a bit into Koontz and King but found a real love in the cosmic horror godfather H.P. Lovecraft. For this book, I've tried to write stories that honor all of the various sub-genre's of horror - creature features, cosmic, ghost stories, etc etc.

Important dates:

June 24th - An excerpt

June 30th - Another excerpt

July 15th - I'll release all of the titles included in the book

July 20th - Cover Unveiling!!

July 24th-31st - A giveaway! What is it? Come find out!

August 1st - Presale date for the book on Amazon!

August 15th - Live sale and presale delivery date

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