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December 2011

A non-stop fantasy action thrill ride full of swords, magic and battle! Once the blood starts flowing, it just doesn't seem to stop. 

Blood and Steel begins the story of Cor Pelson. You see, Cor is a Dahken - a race of magical warriors long though dead by both the beneficent priests of the Shining West and the necromancers of the Loszian Empire. Shortly after he was born Cor changed - the coughing attacks came, and his skin changed to the gray of a corpse. He is different, and there were those who took notice.

Cor comes to realize that there are those who would control the power in his blood. Frightened and determined to protect those he loves, Cor steals away from home. He quickly finds that the world is not what he thought it was - the world is not full of happy farmers in a bountiful kingdom, living in peace and freedom. It is in fact a cruel, brutal place where blood flows readily and the ability to protect himself is paramount.

Those that would control the power in his blood follow him to the sea. Cor must accept that he is different, learn to unlock his strength and take revenge upon the Loszian necromancer who has wronged him.


4.0 out of 5 stars 

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May 2012

Dahken Cor Pelson, a young man barely out of childhood, had found and freed a score of his people from the Loszian necromancer responsible for his parents’ murder. The responsibility of leadership has been thrust upon him, and he must somehow, with the help of a beautiful and deadly sorceress, manage to get his newfound people back across the Spine into the Shining West.

Once there, what new challenges will Cor face? 

His new entourage may be Dahken, but they are still children. How will he protect them and teach them who and what they are?

Will Queen Erella and the good people of Aquis accept the Dahken within their lands? Or will they simply slaughter him for his trouble? 

So continues the tale…

4.4 out of 5 stars    



August 2012

In the wake of murdering Queen Erella, the kingdom of Aquis has turned wholly against Lord Dahken Cor Pelson. While Garod’s priests decide his fate and the kingdom’s future, Cor trudges his way back to Fort Haldon and finds that word of his treachery has arrived before he.

A wave of darkness forms on the eastern side of the Spine as Emperor Nadav and his Dahken Geoff decide to take what is theirs. Nadav intends to take Aquis and the rest of the Shining West himself, starting with Fort Haldon, and Geoff demands that he be hailed as Lord Dahken to rule at his emperor’s side.

Which side will come down upon Cor first, and how will he save himself, his people and his unborn child?

4.4 out of 5 stars    



January 2013

A new Chronicler comes to the world, and he finds that all is not as it should be. He discovers the truth of Rumedia and how things have come to be as they are, and he is determined to spread that truth to all who would listen.


On some level, it amazes Cor that he has survived so long and managed to protect his friends and family. He even seems to have secured a future for the Dahken in Aquis due to his strong alliance with its new King Rederick. Together, they have somehow managed to free Byrverus and the whole of Aquis.

However, Emperor Nadav is defeated, not destroyed, and the Loszian necromancer is as vicious and hateful as ever. He is willing to do all that is necessary to annihilate the traitors amongst his own lords and every living person in the Shining West.

A new threat emerges from the small merchant kingdom of Akor to the West, driven by the sudden weakness of Aquis and the ambition of one person.

Lord Dahken Cor must somehow defeat both threats while grappling with the complete truth about himself, the gods and Rumedia.

4.1 out of 5 stars 



June 2018

The epic conclusion of the Cor Chronicles:

Years after defeating Sovereign Nadav and the Loszian gods, Lord Dahken Cor Pelson has shut himself away from the world. After all, where does one who wields such ultimate power fit in such a place? He wishes only to be left in peace by those around him.

But peace is not to be found, because Aquis faces new troubles from within. Cor finds himself facing a new enemy, one easily as powerful as himself, but not an enemy he would ever have expected.

5.0 out of 5 stars