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3rd draft PROGRESS

The Oathbreaker's Daughter(Book 1 of the Dragonknight Trilogy)                                                                               100%

Wolves of War (A John Hartman Novel)                     100%

The Chronicle of Thyss                                                    100%


As promised, I have an excerpt for you from one of my new novels - The Oathbreaker's Daughter (The Dragonknight Trilogy Volume I)

Jenna has always dreamed of being a Dragonknight.  In truth, she has always believed she was destined for it.  There's only one problem - she's a girl, a young woman, and it is well known that women are unable to forge the link necessary to control these mammoth, majestic creatures.  In fact, it's against the law.

Click here for an excerpt!

2nd draft PROGRESS

The Bonding (Book 1 of the Dragonknight Trilogy)    100%

Wolves of War (A John Hartman Novel)                     100%

Bound by Flame (The Chronicle of Thyss)                   100%

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