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What's to Come!

Another pic from the signing!  Please don't mind the painful "I'm about to eat a baby" smile.

As hard as I've worked over the last two years, I have so many people to thank -

  • First and foremost, my wonderful wife and children who've endured my ridiculous mood swings, self doubt, burnout, and near manic excitement

  • My incredible artist, Jan-Michael Barlow

  • My beta readers who I won't name, but they know who they are

  • YOU GUYS!  MY READERS!  Because you're the reason I do it!

A year and a half ago, I said 2023 was going to be a big year for me!  I might have been a little optimistic, but I still accomplished a lot!  All three new novels are complete, and the first release, The Oathbreaker's Daughter, comes out March 12th!  I am so thrilled to release this series!  I really think it's gonna be huge!

To celebrate the launch, I'll be at GalaxyCon Richmond May 15th-17th with a ton of signed copies, as well as the first three books from The Cor Chronicles with the amazing new artwork by the fantastically talented Jan-Michael Barlow.

In July, I'll release the much awaited Bound By Flame (The Chronicle of Thyss), followed by Wolves of War: A John Hartman Novel in October!  I expect to debut that at Nightmare Weekend Richmond 2024!

If you haven't read Tendrils in the Dark, now would be a great time!  Bound by Flame starts right where "Hunted" leaves off, just as Wolves of War follows Captain John Hartman right after the events of "Wewelsburg".

I have over a half dozen more novels in the works, not the least of which is the sequel to The Oathbreaker's Daughter (currently unnamed) and Spectres of the Black Sun: A John Hartman Novel!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  By summer I will have The Oathbreaker's Daughter out on audio, as well as The Cor Chronicles by the end of the year!

Me at Barnes & Noble again!  Terrible smile!
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