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Darkness and Steel - The Cor Chronicles Volume 3
Fire and Steel - The Cor Chronicles Volume 2
Blood and Steel - The Cor Chronicles Volume 1
Tendrils In The Dark - 8 Tales of Horror

Where Should I Start?

Why?  At the beginning, of course!

Truthfully though, the ball is in your court, O Exalted Reader, and it depends on what you enjoy to read.

If you enjoy gritty, bloody fantasy, then start with The Cor Chronicles, the first book of which is Blood and Steel.  This five book series will lead you through deadly magic, bloody sword fights and incredible foes, not unlike the pulpy books I read as a kid.  Obviously, these must be read in order!

Tendrils in the Dark is eight stories (seven short, one novella) of the terrible and macabre, told in a variety of styles from a gritty noir in the 1930s to a western of the 19th century to a modern day ghost story.  You'll even find "Hunted", a short story involving Thyss, one of my most popular characters from the Cor Chronicles, but you needn't start here before reading those.  However, Tendrils will have an impact on two of the three novels I publish this year, and you should read it before those arrive!

Blood Loss, the Chronicle of Rael, should only be read after you've read the first two books in the Cor Chronicles.

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