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4 November 2022 - A Saturday signing at my local Barnes & Noble!

4 November 2022 - A Saturday signing at my local Barnes & Noble!

Who is Martin Parece?

I'd really rather you not ask me questions like this!  Well, are you asking who I am or "Who am I?", because the latter is a completely different question that forces one to look deep into the heart and mind.  It is the question humankind has been asking since there was humankind.

Who I am, on the other hand, is just some guy who loves to read and tell stories.  As I look back, I have always been a storyteller, from my first short stories to my first faltering attempts at playing Dungeon Master.  As of the taking of this picture, I am forty four years old, and I still love TTRPGs (here you can find some free, fan-made content for Alien, my latest obsession), all sorts of fiction, heavy metal (note the Iron Maiden t-shirt) and horror movies.  In fact, this last will be readily apparent should you read my anthology Tendrils in the Dark.  A lot of shout outs, homages and influences there...

I returned to my creative endeavors around 2009 as my business of seven years began to burn down around me during the recession.  I suppose adversity causes growth, and though I shelved my projects for a few years, I returned to them with the publication of Blood and Steel in 2011.  I discovered many of the pitfalls of self-publishing and have worked relentlessly to avoid them in future publications.  Regardless, people seemed to enjoy the world of Rumedia, and I returned to it with five more novels.

In the end, I'm just a guy who loves to tell stories, read other persons' stories and head bang in the car.  I hope you'll join me on the journey!

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