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As I noted before, I am an avid player of TTRPGs (Table Top Role Playing Games) and have been for my entire life.  I enjoy D&D with my kids, but my current obsessions include Alien and Bladerunner (both by Free League) and Achtung!Cthulhu and Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of (by Modiphius).  Below you'll find my homebrewed content for Alien, and I hope you enjoy it!  Also, I have actual plays of most of these on my YouTube channel!

All that being said, I'd really appreciate it if you'd buy one of my books. 


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Alien RPG by Free League

Whispers of the Cosmic Witch for Alien RPG

The next installment of The Universe of Madness!  The colony on LV-371 is no longer producing rich mineral shipments.  Coupled with cryptic messages sent by the colony doctor prior to his disappearance, a group of investigators has been sent to find out why!

The Stalker Out of Time for Alien RPG

In the first of The Universe of Madness cycle, our intrepid PCs are on a Xeno-archaelogical survey for Weyland-Yutani.  Who could ever prepare themselves for such a find?

A whole campaign for the Alien RPG by Free League!

A full campaign full of goo bombings, unknown bad actors, Xenomorphs, evil corporations, and a fully stated out warrior race!

Rule of Robots - A Three Act Scenario for Free League's Alien RPG

My first three act cinematic, Our PCs (up to 7!) intercept and investigate a survey ship on the edges of known space to find a grisly murder with an impossible suspect.  Can they figure it out before the killer(s) strike again?  6-12 hours play.

Immaculate - A completely different kind of one shot for Free League's Alien RPG

This is my proudest moment in crafting cinematic scenarios for Alien RPG!
A murder on an old, declining colony leads a new Colonial Marshall on an investigation that uncovers a long standing conspiracy and series of murders.  Can the marshall and his team find who is responsible and quickly?  The clock is ticking on something even worse!

The Cold Dark

The Cold Dark - A One Shot Scenario for Free League's Alien RPG

Seegson Systems is sending a team to one of their research outposts to verify the work and discoveries of elite physicist Dr. Sunil Mehta, who claims to have unlocked the secrets of Many World Interpretation!

The Hunt - A Scenario for Free League's Alien RPG

In this 3-4 hour one shot, the crew of an independent shuttle are taking Mr. McCarthy for the big game hunt of a lifetime.  But is something else hunting them?  Up to five players.

San Tome - A Three Act One Shot for Free League's Alien RPG

Another three act cinematic, LaSalle Bionational and the UPP are trying to work together to run a former 3WE colony when the mining operation makes a find of incredible archaeological value!  I went full Prometheus on this one!

Building a Better You - A Scenario for Free League's Alien RPG

Originally designed for use with the Frontier War campaign (CMoM), it can be easily adapted to a number of situations. 
A PC is offered the chance to replace a lost limb (or even an eye) with a new cybernetic enhancement.  While the rest of the team is on-colony for R&R, they're approached by a shady individual offering big money if our team investigates Weyland-Yutani's newest company, Cyberdyne Systems.  
Yes, you know where it's going.  The PCs will come face to face with the Terminator in another of my love letters to the 80s and awesomeness!

The Monsters We Make - A One Shot Scenario for Free League's Alien RPG

Weyland-Yutani has lost contact with their research station and is sending a team.  New Xenos, secret androids, and conflicting hidden agendas!  Pure Alien goodness!  Figure one 3-4 hour session.

A new Career for Free League's Alien RPG

Over six months before the Heart of Darkness scenario was released, one of my players approached me jokingly about playing a ship's cat.  One sleepless night later, I designed this - The Cat career, complete with new Talents and other recommendations!  I still hold the belief that I did it first, but oh well...

A new Career for Free League's Alien RPG

I designed this new Career specifically to go along with my cinematic scenario "Immaculate".  Part company agent, part investigator, the Journalist represents a new playable career with some new and invaluable abilities for the team sekeing the truth!

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