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Bound By Flame

The Chronicle of Thyss

Years before Thyss the sorceress, Chosen of the fire god Hykan, ventured into the West to fall in with the Dahken known as Cor Pelson, she sought her own destiny away from the machinations of her father.

After surviving the dreaded d'kinde of the northern jungles ("Hunted" from Tendrils in the Dark), a young Thyss finds herself relying on the help of an idealistic king and his people. Their way of life is alien to her, completely unknown in a world where strength bolstered by the magic of the gods reigns. But what will she do when their kindness, their idyllic way of life is challenged by those outside of it. Where will she stand?

She has to battle her own beliefs, rival warriors, and even her father to seek her own destiny, and is it possible that the very source of her power chains her to her destiny?

What follows is the long awaited tale of Thyss the sorceress.

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